Lisa Tiffian Featured in Pressure Magazine

Lisa Tiffian is featured in Pressure Magazine October 2015 issue. There are four exclusive glamour photos highlighted from two locations. Photography captured by multi-published photographer Alcole Studios. In the issue she was interviewed by the editor. Here are a few of the juicy questions answered you don't want to miss:

If you were looking for a relationship what type of person would spark your interest?

What sparks my interest is handsome, smart, independent in every aspect or everything they do, keep their word, not jealous, can accept me for me and what I do, interested in my well being, freaky & great lover, grown man swag (not little boy swag). To explain, it's not about the name brand labels you wear and Gucci belts. But seeing him dress extremely well to where I only see him stand out above the clothing.

Fans can order an custom autographed copy by Lisa of the magazine using the button below to contact:


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